Reviving after decades : George Everest‚Äôs House Mussoorie

Sir George Everest, (born July 4, 1790, Gwernvale, Brecknockshire, Wales‚ÄĒdied Dec. 1, 1866, London, Eng.), British geodesist who completed the trigonometric survey of India, on which depended the accurate mapping of the subcontinent. Picture: Pinterest

“Everest” is a conspicuous word for an enormous piece of mankind. It is anything but difficult to recall and has a basic and regular articulation in the fundamental dialects, which would appear to be explicitly picked for a geological achievement so unmistakable inside and out. Nonetheless, there was one individual who disagreed that the most elevated mountain on Earth should bear this name, as a matter of fact British assessor and geographer Sir George Everest, absolutely the man whose name was picked to assign the top of the world.

The man, Mount Everest was named after…

The world’s highest peak, which had been called Peak XV, was renamed in the honour of this man in 1865. Photo: BBVA Openmind

Naturally introduced to a family entrenched in the London ward of Greenwich, Everest moved away from his underlying foundations at 16 years old to seek after his military vocation in India. His pizazz for science and cosmology before long drove him to expect studying parts, until in 1818 he was called upon as a chief collaborator by William Lambton, head of the Great Trigonometric Survey Project.

Sir George Everest’s House

Built in 1832, Sir George Everest’s House and Laboratory, is a popular heritage site. This popular house was from where Sir George Everest helped the British measure the height of the world‚Äôs greatest peak, Mt Everest. For his contribution, the peak that was earlier called Peak XV, was named after him. The location of the house is strategic and at the time of Sir Everest, it was used as an observatory to view mountains that demarcated the boundaries of British India. Today, the house is being maintained by the government of Uttarakhand and is open to tourists all year round. From here, one can get a spectacular view of the Doon Valley and the Himalayas. It is located at a distance of about 8 km from Mussoorie.

Location : Near Mussoorie ( Park Estate near Hathipaon, 6 kms from Mussorie.)

Dist. / Travel Time : 5.9 kms/ 19mins (from library bus stand, Cart Road, The Mall Road, Mussoorie.)

Entry Type: FREE

Exploration Time: 3 hours.

Cartographer Museum at George Everest’s house

Construction as of Dec 02, 2020 Photo by – @himalayanvoyager

The Uttarakhand government expects the Cartographer Museum at George Everest’s house to provide employment to locals and become a major tourist draw.

The Uttarakhand government will turn the Mussoorie house of George Everest, former Surveyor General of India, after whom the world’s highest peak is named into a cartography museum at a cost of Rs Rs 24 crore, the state’s tourism secretary said.

He further said that on completion of the project, local people will get employment and this heritage site can become a popular destination for tourists. (Source: TOI)


                      | Janaki Setu : Largest suspension bridge of Rishikesh.|

Words can’t describe their reunion! They were separated from each other for 16 years to get Leela started! After 16 years, their meeting, those who could not even be separated for 16 seconds, were separated only for our sake. For the devotees’ sake.

To witness the Swayamvar of Goddess Sita, Sage Vishwamitra brought RńĀma and Lakshman to Mithila desh. Sri RńĀma realized he was going to meet his beloved.

Sri RńĀma and Lakshman went out one beautiful morning to get flowers for the Puja in Pushpavatika. And¬†that¬†same¬†morning,¬†Mata¬†Sita¬†and¬†HER¬†sisters¬†and¬†Sakhis¬†went¬†to¬†GAURI¬†PUJA¬†in¬†the¬†temple¬†at¬†Pushavatika.¬†

Sri RńĀma and Lakshman ji saw one of Mata Janaki’s sakhi and were enchanted by the beauty of the two brothers. She figured the Prince with Lotus-shaped eyes would be ideal for Sita. She made Janaki ji go with her, aggressively. 

She came to know that HE is none other than HER beloved, Sri Narayan, when Sita Mata saw the Prince with red Lotus eyes and incomparable elegance. 

HE became spellbound by HER beauty and came to know that SHE is Mahalakshmi as no other woman other than HIS beloved would enchant HIM in such a way. Sri RńĀma was looking around for flowers and saw Sita Mata. 



Mata Sita could not sleep that night, nor could Sri RńĀma sleep that night. They had become lovesick, and each other had become spellbound. 

Nevertheless, even these words are not enough to communicate their happiness!


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat inaugurated Janaki Setu on river Ganga on Friday. It is a three-lane pedestrian bridge built over river Ganga, in Muni ki Reti area of Tehri Garhwal. As per the official release from the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), the bridge is a 346-metre-long suspension footbridge.¬†

The total construction cost of the bridge is Rs 48.85 crore. The inauguration event was also attended by Speaker of Uttarakhand Assembly Premchand Agrawal, Rishikesh Mayor Anita Mamgain, Vice-President of Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam KK Singhal, and Chairman of Muni ki Reti municipal Council Roshan Raturi. 

CM Rawat’s tweet in Hindi can be roughly translated into: “Janaki Setu, a three-lane pedestrian bridge built on river Ganga in Muni ki Reti near the pilgrimage and Rishikesh is dedicated to the public. For many years, the public was waiting for the bridge to be built.”


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